ATTREN. a fashion brand that transcends mere style by embodying the transformative power of hope, love, and resilience. Founded by, Matt and Lauren Rowley.

In 2014, a life-altering car accident left Matt grappling with severe injuries. Despite enduring extensive medical treatments and rehabilitation, Matt faced the difficult decision to amputate his lower left leg in January 2020. This challenging experience propelled Matt and Lauren into a new chapter filled with uncertainties, but it also ignited their entrepreneurial spirit.

After years of development and sampling in late 2023, Matt and Lauren unveiled ATTREN., a brand committed to revolutionising the fashion landscape. With a diverse collection that includes t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and bomber jackets, ATTREN. offers distinctive designs that resonate with individuality and self-expression.

At the heart of ATTREN. lies a powerful message, “Be Bold. Be Confident.” This ethos encourages individuals to embrace their unique identities, fostering a community that values creativity, empowerment; showcasing their own unique sizing system, and authenticity. 

Matt and Lauren will always look to do things their way. The ATTREN. way