ATTREN. is Celebrating British Artists Through Fashion

Our belief is that people’s creativity is something very special and should be celebrated. Everyday we see so many amazing designs and pieces of art showcased on all types of products and we believe too often the story behind the piece isn’t heard. This is where we aim to be different.

Using art, along with our vision of bold and bright colours as our inspiration, we will be the brand that will showcase the best of what British artists can do.

This will be done through a collaboration with talented artists. They will be given creative freedom to produce a piece of work which will be incorporated onto an exclusive range of our clothes. We will introduce the artist to you in order to give them credit for their amazing work. We will work with one artist at a time to give each piece the attention it deserves.

By collaborating with talented artists, we are able to bring their unique perspective and style to our brand. We believe that this is what sets us apart from other brands and makes our clothing truly exclusive.

By sharing these stories with our consumers, we hope to create a deeper appreciation for the art and the artist behind it.

We want to inspire our customers to embrace their own creativity and celebrate the creativity of others.